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Soul's Voice Harmonica, Major Tuned w/ Phospher Bronze Reeds

Category->Soul`s Voice Harmonicas
(14) Soul's Voice Harmonica, Major Tuned w/ Phospher Bronze Reeds

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The Soul's Voice Major Diatonic Harmonica


...Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.

-Tim Duncan

We used to just sell many different kinds of other harmonicas, made by the big harmonica companies such as Hohner, Hering, Lee Oskar, Suzuki, and Seydel. We used to sell them all. We noticed that their prices kept going up, always once a year and sometimes as many as two or three times a year. And the increased prices were substantial. We were disappointed with the big companies and we believed we could do better. And then we did better! 

We are not a large company, we understand the value of the dollar, and the need for quality and long life in the products you purchase. As a result, we offer a one year manufacturer's warranty, the longest in the industry. And the quality is exqusite; the pricing is liberating.

We wanted to produce something, not just capable, but easier to play on top of a long life. This is our goal. And while offering accessories and spare parts to keep things in optimum condition, we hope to build a feeling of reliablility with this new harmonica line as we expand our Soul's Voice line of harmonicas.

We started with a brass reed plate and did away with the old brass reed in favor of a new phosphor bronze set up. While many companies are now using phosphor bronze reeds, we have a recipe and source for the best phosphor bronze available. We recessed the reed plate into a black ABS comb and finished it off with stainless steel covers wherein we laser burned the names.

The Soul's Voice is better than those other harmonicas and is in a class of its own. We built it to compete with the very best diatonic harmonicas created. We packaged it in a nice plastic case. We will stand behind it and will fix whatever problem, however unlikely, that you may have with it. That is Doc's personal guarantee. 

By the way, in case you were wondering, this harmonica was brought to reality by Doc and Andrew Belcher, and is hand built in the USA, one at a time, and we offer it in in Major, Natural Minor, and Harmonic tunings. If you are a professional harmonica player, contact Doc. He just might send you a sample Soul's Voice!


Soul's Voice Major Diatonic Harmonica Tuning Chart

(C Richter)


Blow C4 E4 G4 C5 E5 G5 C6 E6 G6 C7
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Draw D4 G4 B(H)4 D5 F5 A5 B(H)5 D6 F6 A6

**Quantity Discounts Apply for this item. Add 2 or more to your cart for discount information.**

Standard Features:

-ABS Comb (Black)

-Recessed Reed Plates (Brass) (1.0mm)

-Phosphor Bronze Reeds (Riveted)

-Stainless Steel Covers (Polished)

-Velour Draw-string Pouch (Black)

-Plastic Box

-Polishing Cloth

-10 Holes, 20 Reeds

***Please Note***

Parts of the newer version of the Soul's Voice Diatonic are NOT interchangeable with the old Soul's Voice.



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