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Check out the new Soul's Voice on this page. Better and less expensive than the Vintage Soul's Voice and numerous players feel it's better than the Delta Frost harmonica. We have the Soul's Voice in stock and avalailabe now! No charging your creditt card now and shipping months latter. There is a twelve month manufacturer's warranty on the new Soul's Voice diatonic harmonicas, except for gross damage (like being run over by a truck) and damage caused by someone else working on it, so keep a copy of your invoice so you can document when and where you bought it. We cannot and will not accept used harmonicas. We reserve the right to repair or replace a warranty on a Soul's Voice harmonica. Call ahead and get a return authorization. This is for the new Soul's Voice diatonic harmonica only. This is the best manufacturer's warranty in the industry; one year. 
We are a club! The name of the club is the Buckeye Buyers Club. Buckeye Music is the owner of our websites, so we named it after  our owner and the great Buckeye State of Ohio. There is no charge for club membership. Everyone that logs onto this website automatically becomes a member and receives the member prices! We do not send you emails, or otherwise bother you. We will also be having, from time to time, additional member discounts from the club prices. Stay tuned and enjoy our low club prices and special discounts.

For follow-ups, send email to, and include the your telephone number, issue, and copy of the invoice. I will then deal with the issue and call you back. Followups and complaints are only dealt with when received as emails at   

*A signed receipt is required for delivery of all shipments unless requested otherwise in the comments section of the order form.

**Currently, we will not be shipping overseas due to a recent wave of fraud experienced with our overseas orders. We will probably start doing overseas orders again at some time in the future.

***We do not know the value of  old musical instruments and are unable to respond to enquiries regarding value. You would not believe how many enquiries we receive of this nature. We prefer spending our time serving our customers. 

(14) Soul's Voice Harmonica, Major Tuned w/ Phospher Bronze Reeds
Click on image for more information.

Online Price

MSRP: $44.76
Save: $9.81
Club Price:

(MAV20) Maverick Diatonic Harmonica w/Phosphor Bronze Reeds
Click on image for more information.

Online Price

MSRP: $84.95
Save: $30.00
Club Price:

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